This project intended to develop and integrate a set of libraries to provide fast development of VR applications for medical purposes. Such libraries can be used together or individually. They were developed to offer complete synchronization between the several tasks chosen by their user (programmer).

The CyberMed can be used by programmers with several skills. In this case, high-level routines are available for programmers with low expertise, but low-level access are also available and can be used by expert programmers. This low-level access allows the inclusion or extension of the libraries functionalities.

CyberMed offers:

  • stereoscopic visualization methods;
  • support 3D visualization devices (anagliph and shutter glasses);
  • 2D and 3D interaction;
  • support for haptic devices;
  • collision detection;
  • interactive deformation;
  • automatic import for VRML models;
  • menu customization;
  • methods for online assessment;
  • classes to support collaboration;
  • classes to support optical and magnetic tracking;
  • new online assessment methods;
  • support the VirtWall (patent required)

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